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High-Quality CARBON CERAMIC ROAD BRAKE PADS For SUZUKI GSXR 1100 93-96 GS 1200 02 GSF 1200 01-05 (Front)

High-Quality CARBON CERAMIC ROAD BRAKE PADS For SUZUKI GSXR 1100 93-96 GS 1200 02 GSF 1200 01-05 (Front)

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WELCOME TO ZPMOTO 'S SHOP       Brand New High Quality Ceramic Brake Pads   Compatibility : SUZUKI GSXR 1100 93-96 GS 1200 02 GSF 1200 01-05 (Front) Equivalent to EBC # FA188
This Listing is for one Pair of brake pads for the following models :
F= Front - R= Rear F&R= Front & Rear   Carbon Ceramic Road Compound pads are an evolution of the original, now with a higher carbon content. They feature good durability and performance whether hold or cold, dry or wet. They can be used on both cast iron and steel discs. World Class Product, OE To Thousands Of Bikes. Excellent Durability And Performance. Extremely Stable Friction Coefficient. Ceramic Composite brake pads deliver exceptional braking performance and operating control over a wide range of driving conditions – from daily commuting, to sport touring, to aggressive highway or street-race riding. The specially formulated ceramic composite provides extreme stopping power when "cold" – right out of the driveway, or "hot" – after miles of all-out mountain highway. See why experienced riders choose Ceramic Composite pads : Superior braking performance in wet or dry conditions. Perfect for everyday riding or street/highway sport use. Extremely quiet vibration damping ceramic composite virtually eliminates brake "grind" noise and pad "squeal". Excellent hot and cold performance with no "warm-up" required as with carbon/graphite or hard sintered full-race ceramic pads. Minimal brake fade Fast thermal recovery between high-energy stops with minimal high-temperature "brake fade" compared to organic or organic/Kevlar pads. Smooth, progressive and controlled braking with exceptional lever response. Increased rotor life bonded ductile metal filament structure dramatically reduces rotor wear compared to sintered metal pads. Perfect for use with iron, stainless-steel, or chrome-plated rotors. Long pad life durable high-strength bonded ceramic-fiber structure increases pad life over organic or organic/Kevlar pads. Low-dusting formula contains no ferrous (iron) compounds that can discolor matte/polished aluminum alloy or chrome-plated wheels. Technical notes : ceramic pads are manufactured to OEM specifications under for consistent quality and fit. Our ceramic-composite is formed using high-strength ceramic fibers and non-ferrous metal filaments bonded at extreme pressure and temperature. Ductile metal-filaments produce a friction material with moderate base Co F (coefficient of friction) for optimal initial "bite", while durable heat resistant ceramic fibers and polymeric binders reduce thermal pad decomposition and out-gassing that contribute to high temperature brake "fade". The non-ferrous metal filament matrix provides high thermal mass and ideal thermal conductivity to quickly conduct energy away from the pad-rotor interface for fast thermal recovery. Lower operating temperatures reduce rotor wear and risk of deformation or warping. Easy Installation. Direct OEM fitment
Package : 1 Pair x Brake Pads (As in the picture)
We also sell other Brake Pads, Please tell us your bike model and years, thanks! If you aren't sure which pads to buy, contact us. Brake pads and discs are safety critical and should be inspected on a regular basis. Signs brake pads need replacing include : Vibration Grinding Squealing Poor performance     We Only accept Alipay . If buyer want to delay the payment because of financial problem, please contact me by the ALIExpress message within 3 days NOTE : Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges.

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